Cannabis Tablets

Medicinal Cannabis tablets and capsules usually contain CBD or THC or a combination of both. If appropriately consumed, CBD tablets for pain can provide a discreet, precisely measured and subtle means of ingesting cannabis for long periods.

They are like any other capsule or tablet, apart from the fact that they contain medicinal cannabis tablets and capsules that allow medical cannabis patients to easily dose their medicine and benefit from rapidly acting long-term relief.

According to various manufacturers, different pills can contain varying levels of CBD, THC or a combination of THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD. Certain pills may also have an exceptionally high level of CBD and others could have a higher presence of terpenes or flavonoids.

Pain Relief

Anxiety Treatment


Nausea Control


Cannabis Tablet Benefits?

Medical cannabis capsules and tablets offer a fast-acting alternative with optional dosing and portability for patients who cannot tolerate the oral oils. Those who choose not to vape medicinal cannabis can also benefit from cannabis capsules. These are available in many different formulations to suit each patient’s needs. If are looking for cannabis doctors for a consultation about cannabis pills, our medical practitioners are here to assist you in finding the best solution for your medical needs.


How to Take Cannabis Tablets?

Cannabis tablets and capsules are either swallowed whole with water or dissolved under the tongue. Taking CBD tablets and capsules and tablets on an empty stomach can help you feel the effects more quickly, as food can delay the effect of the medication by up to 30 minutes. Medicinal Cannabis tablets and capsules can take anywhere from forty-five minutes to five hours to take effect. The effect of medicinal cannabis capsules and tablets can last for up to 12 hours depending on the formulation and dose and offer more substantial results than smoking or vaping.


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