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Medicinal cannabis Vaping

Medicinal Cannabis comes in two forms for vaping- Flower (Herb) or Liquid. Medicinal cannabis for vaping can contain CBD, THC vapes or a combination of CBD and THC. The liquids for vaping are different to oral medicinal oils which cannot be vaped. CBD vape offers an alternative way of consuming CBD and if you are not sure, please check with the dispensary staff at MediGreen Dispensary. Vaping of medicinal cannabis allows for a rapid onset of action, but the effect can wear off over a shorter period compared to oral medicinal cannabis. Medicinal cannabis dry flower for vaping comes in a wide variety of combinations of CBD, THC and combination of both CBD and THC. To contact us, fill out our online form or write to us at info@medigreenaustralia.com.au

Is Medicinal Cannabis liquid vape the same as oral medicinal Cannabis pill?

Medicinal cannabis oil used sublingually (under the tongue) is in a carrier oil such as MCT, Coconut oil or hemp oil. These oils, if vaporised, will cause harm to the lungs. Please do not vape oral medicinal cannabis oils.

What is a Medical Cannabis vaporizer?

medical cannabis vaporizer employs a heating element to raise the temperature of medicinal cannabis to the point where beneficial substances are converted into vapour without burning the substance. The device offers a much safer way of administrating medical cannabis as it does not release any harmful substances found in cannabis. The vaporizer consists of various elements like a battery or charging port if it’s rechargeable, the heating element, an atomiser, a cartridge, a mouthpiece and a drip tip. If you have a prescription for medical cannabis, then we highly recommend you choose a high-end medical cannabis vaporizer. Using the vaporizer, you can ensure no toxic chemicals are released when the vapours are produced. You’ll get to inhale the vapours without worrying about inhaling the cancer-causing carcinogens.

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Nicotine Vaping

In October 2020, the Australian government came to the decision that all nicotine vape products can be accessed with a prescription only.

What does this mean for those patients who vape nicotine?

All patients who need nicotine vapes in Australia to help them to stop smoking will need to see a doctor (who will apply to the TGA for approval to prescribe or who is an authorised prescriber) for a prescription. Once they have the prescription, they can get it dispensed at a pharmacy.

At MediGreen Dispensary and Clinic, we have knowledgeable and experienced staff who know all about nicotine vapes and will be happy to answer your questions. We provide safe and effective alternative treatments, medical services and medicinal cannabis.

If you are looking for reliable and qualified medicinal cannabis practitioners or need nicotine vape supply in Australia, we are here to help.

To contact us, fill out our online form or write to us at info@medigreenaustralia.com.au


How to Take Cannabis Tablets?

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