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We stock a wide variety of plant-based medications at the recommended retail price. We also keep other products, including all TGA approved vaporisers, terpene and a variety of other products.

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Plant-based Medicines

We keep all approved TGA brands of plant-based medications. We dispense all medications at the recommended retail price, without any extra dispensing fees. We can also deliver your products if you are not able to visit us in person.

Nicotine Vaping Products for Smoking Cessation

Effective from 1 October 2021, all nicotine vaping products are regulated under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (the Act) as Schedule 4 (prescription only) medicines in the Poisons Standard. We can dispense TGA approved nicotine vaping products with legible Australian prescription.

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There are a few different ways of administering plant-based medicine. One of these is inhalation. Inhalation via vape is different from smoking. Smoking is not a medically accepted administration method. Combustion involves burning plant-based medicine, which destroys active ingredients before they can be inhaled. The vaping device heats the medicine at a low temperature, which creates a smoke-free aerosol of plant-based medicine and terpenes.

Plant-based medicine comes in two forms of vaping: dry herbs (flowers) and liquid. It is important to know that liquids for vaping are different to oral medical oils. Oral oils should not be vaped, as they could be harmful for your lungs. If you are not sure about the method of administration your prescribed medication, please talk to our friendly dispensary staff.


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