Innovative Medical Solutions for a Better Life

MediGreen dispensary and clinic specialises in providing progressive plant-based medicine and holistic care. Our business is operated by two female consultant pharmacists, who are interested in the use of plant-based medicine, working closely with plant-based medicine specialists. These innovative medical therapies could be a safe alternative to traditional medicine.

What is plant-based medicine?

As far back as 2800 BC, plant-based medicine has been used to promote holistic health and wellbeing.

Plant-based medicine is available in various forms including dried flowers, oil, capsules, tablets and different topical preparations. It can be vaporised or ingested.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality plant-based medicine, and other natural products, at very competitive prices, as well as providing holistic health care services for healing and better living. As our clinic and pharmacy are independent from distributors and suppliers, our doctors make catered decisions for each patient’s specific needs. As a pharmacy, we provide you medications under recommended retail price, prescribed to you by your doctor, without substitution of “our pharmacy preferred brand”. If we can help you- we will.

Our Vision

Our vision for the future of plant-based medicines is bright. There is a constantly growing field of research exploring innovative plant-based medical solutions. We want to be at the front line to help more people live better lives, physically and mentally, with the help of natural medicines.

Our History

MediGreen clinic & pharmacy was founded in 2020 by Sharon Miller and Angelica Rostov. Both have clinical backgrounds, and have worked many years in hospitals/GP clinics. Sharon was working with children who have epilepsy, and Angelica was working at a palliative hospital, before they started their MediGreen journey.

Opening during the COVID pandemic, we have seen skyrocketing numbers of mental health/pain problems, with our focus being to help all our customers the best we can.

Today MediGreen is proud to be one of the leading clinics and pharmacies in the plant-based medical space. We are striving to provide the best service that we can for our patients. In the near future, we will be opening a second MediGreen dispensary and clinic for our patients’ convenience.


Plant-based treatment

The use of plant-based medicine is regulated by the TGA and local government


Plant-based medical products are not listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). Annual treatment costs must be met by the patients and/or a third party. Our commitment to patients is about keeping our prices below the recommended retail price (if possible) or otherwise not exceeding it.


Smoking Cessation

From 1 October 2021, consumers require a prescription for all purchases of nicotine vaping products, such as nicotine e-cigarettes, nicotine pods and liquid nicotine. This includes purchases from Australian pharmacies and from overseas. It remains illegal for other Australian retailers, such as tobacconists, ‘vape’ shops and convenience stores, to sell you nicotine vaping products, even if you have a prescription.

Nicotine replacement therapies (including sprays, patches, lozenges, chews and gums) that do not require a prescription will continue to be available from pharmacies and some retail outlets.

Please book your consultation with our doctors to discuss your plan about quitting smoking.