MediGreen Carnegie

V.I.B.E.S - BioHarmonic technology

MediGreen Carnegie proudly introduces a new technology: BioHarmonics Vibrational Sound Therapy.

This technology gives you access to the most primal levels of your nervous system and human physiology creating access to easily relax, meditate, activate, detoxify, transform, restore, recover, balance, ground, release and harmonize yourself and others. VIBES can help to clear negative energy out of your nervous system, support shifting from negative thoughts to positive affirmation. It supports physical healing with bone regeneration, stem cell activation, visceral emotional healing and wound healing, supports the body with releasing any physical or emotional past traumas (anti-inflammatory detox+ shamanic journey).

BioHarmonic technology designed to calm down overactive minds, ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety and autism. Vibrational sound therapy is a safe, effective and fun way to support yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

You are welcome to improve your health and wellbeing with the unique technology at the MediGreen Carnegie.

There’s an introductory price available for a limited time only.

  • 20-30 minute session $40
  • 31-40 minute session $70
  • 41-50 minute session $80
  • 51-60minute session $90