Angelica Rostov

Consultant Pharmacist

Angelica Rostov is a proprietor of MediGreen Dispensary and Clinic, director of MedManagement Consulting, Consultant pharmacist and a Credentialled diabetes Educator with over 28 years of experience in community and hospital practice, working both in Australia and overseas.

Arriving in Australia in 2001 with limited English, she managed to pass all exams to recognise her Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, did postgraduate in a clinical pharmacy and became a consulting pharmacist. She was nominated as “best pharmacist” in 2007 and “best consulting pharmacist” in 2014, and was awarded the credentialled “Diabetes Educator of the year for Victoria” in 2021. After working in a palliative hospital for more than 7 years she developed an interest in pogressive plant-based therapies.


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